Spring Break pt. 1





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It’s SPRING BREAK! That means South Carolina with the friends.  On our way to Edisto Island, South Carolina we stopped for a mini 24 hr. Charleston girls day before we met up with the rest of the crew at the beach house. After a long road trip, we arrived at The Wyndham Grand hotel. Seriously, one of my most favorite hotels I’ve stayed at.  We arrived around 6 PM and got out of the car in perfect 70 degree sunny weather.  While we were waiting on the valet we saw a bride along with her bridesmaids come outside for pictures. We were drooling over their dresses.  The valet guy then told us there were three more weddings going on that evening.  We debated wedding crashing…

After we got settled in we went out to Fleets Landing for dinner, which is an old historical building, turned trendy seafood restaurant.  It was bomb food, and great atmosphere, right along the water.  We basically ordered the whole menu… We got three appetizers all picked out by the waiter.  I was even convinced to shoot an oyster, which was an interesting experience to say the least. For our meal we got shrimp & grits and the seafood pasta. We even made friends with the waiter who was also from Ohio, and converted to a southern guy after college.

The next day we were committed to shopping.  We went to the local shop’s first where there were tons of local artist and jewelry designers.  Everything was so southern inspired; I loved it.  We later went on King St. & it was southern retail heaven… By the end of the day we were all shopped out, and were all in a “hangry” mood.  We ended our day at Charleston at a place called Toast. We got the fried green tomato BLT and red velvet cake with a cheese cake layer in the middle.  It was insane. We ended our night driving down Rainbow Row looking at the beautiful & historical southern mansions.  Then we were off to Edisto!

I never really thought I could be the whole “southern bell” type, but Charleston sure made me rethink the south. I absolutely loved it.  The food, the atmosphere, the colors, all of it;  Charleston is a must-see if you’re in the south, it was perfection.

Much Love



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