Denim & Denim


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I told my best friend for my next post I was doing ALL denim.  She looked at me a little funny, and had that “you go get em girl” like hopefully it’l look good kind of look ha.  Denim on denim seems so 90’s, but it’s honestly one of my favorite most basic looks.  If you’re going to pair denim on the bottom & top, wear TWO different shades of denim.  It looks much more polished, I promise.  This look easily works itself into one of my outfits every week.  It’s so versatile!  I can dress it up, dress it down, accessorize it in so many different ways, and pair it with so many different shoes.  Im kind of obsessing over New Balances right now.  I really hope this whole casual/comfy shoe trend stays in style forever.  Not to mention the NB’s come in about every color imaginable.  The rose gold NB collection are my personal fav right now.  I also paired my favorite ZARA hat with this look. It gave the look a casual, boho, beachy vibe paired with my strap/studded sandals.  Regardless what your personal style is this look can be quite versatile.  Pair a chunky necklace with it, put some fun wedges or sandals on, try a bold lip, or pair it with a baseball cap… The options are endless & this look flatters just about any gal.


Much Love


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