Easter Vibes

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HAPPY EASTER my lovies.  Hope the week has been a good one for ya. It’s finally gotten warm enough for NO tights or boots or anything else remotely screaming winter, I repeat no excessively warm clothing needed. For this Easter Sunday I had in mind wearing something white.. And then I remembered I had this ZARA dress. Comfy, cute, church appropriate (for Easter), and stripes (my favorite). I paired this dress with one of my favorite jean jackets.  I don’t know about you, but jean jackets just scream spring to me.

Accessory and shoe wise… Here we go.. So my wedges, kinda obsessed with everything DV. Long story short, my wedges weren’t on sale when I got them last summer, but I was obsessed, & I thought they were a timeless piece that I could get so much wear out of (which I do!) .. But as I was strolling through Nordstrom Rack the other day guess what were on sale? Yes, the same exact wedges, two colors, on sale, 50% off…  If you have ever suffered this petite tragedy, I feel you. But hey the shoes are great.  Even though my heart sunk a little when seeing them in two colors at NordyRack for such a great price, I’m still in love w/t my full priced DV’s ha.

Moving onto sunnies.. They are BLUE I know.  It’s one of those trends I went back and forth on.  I love them, but I was having trouble picking out what color shades would look right on me. The Ray Ban sunnies are serious perfection, but my wallet didn’t really love the idea of that splurge, so I stopped by H&M.  Oh H&M do I love you so.  8 bucks ladies… Get yoself a pair.

Hope you love these trends as much as I do right now!  Have a great Easter lovies. I hope the easter bunny treated you with some chocolate &/or colorful sunnies.

Much Love


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