Spring Shades

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Hello lovies. Hope the week has been a little sunnier for you then the weather in these pictures.  This week it was finally warm enough to sit on the restaurant patio, eat ice cream w/o feeling weird about it, and online shop for swim suits!

Story about the sunnies…

Okay so I’m obsessed with tinted shades right now, they are so trendy. I LOVE THEM.  These sunnies are one of those trends that in 5 years I could see myself being like, what the heck Miranda, like what were you thinking with that whole look. But I still love em so I’m gonna go with it. Tinted shades are such a fun way to add a pop of color to any outfit! On to the story.. Shopping with my friend (the person who is the closest thing I have to a big sister) I can always count on a 100% true opinion from her on if she’s leaning with that’s hot, or heck no that’s not.  I tried on these sunnies and she shook her head just laughing “Oh you would.. You pull them off well though.”… Might I add she has great style too, so I always take her opinion into consideration.  She hated them. I loved them. I bought them. HA.

Point being… this trend isn’t for everyone, but if you like it don’t be afraid to go for it! Same goes with any other trend.  Whether you love acrylic nails, patterned pants, joggers, or what not, go for it! Style is an outlet of creativity.  USE IT! Not everyone likes the same flavor ice cream; not everyone likes the same sunnies.  Don’t let that hold ya back!

Sidenote: When trying out a new trend don’t go for the most expensive things you see.  Obviously the Ray Bans as well as all the other designer sunnies caught my eye, but they were all SO $$$. You would never be able to tell whether the sunnies I’m wearing were $20 or $200.  Go for the bargain, and then if the relationship last with the sunnies go for the splurge! You don’t date a guy just because he’s a hottie, you gotta go on a few dates first! Use the same rule with trying out new trends.

Much Love,


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