Leggings for the WIN

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Don’t you love when you come across a brand thats semi low key, that hasn’t totally hit mainstream yet?!  Teeki is my new favorite.  Not only do I love what the brand sells but also what their products are made from.  See those leggings I’m wearing; they are made from RECYCLED water bottles. I’m such an eco-friendly nerd, I can’t tell you how much I love that concept. I still love you Lulu but these babies are probably the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever put on.

I’m a shy one when it comes to patterns.  Unless its made of stripes, I’m rarely going to pick it up.  As summer approaches everything turns a bit more colorful. I’m one of those girls that falls into the pattern of black, nude, grey, white, repeat. I seriously should have a poster with those words hanging on my closet wall.. I got these Teeki’s as a gift which was a perfect way to step outside the box. Patterns are something to experiment with; why not do it with something like these fun leggings which can be dressed as cute/casual or worn for some yoga! I fell in legging love, so will you.

Have a great week babes.

Much Love


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