Sprung Up Like..

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AYY BABES. Hopefully its spring weather somewhere near you.  I got inspired by all the spring blossoms and had to snap a few shots. Spring truly sprung today. And I kind of love it.

My favorite SPRING things, that I think you’ll love too…

BRIGHT NAILS.  FIJI is probably my favorite nail color of all time. Classic, springy, and pink.  I know you already love it.

WHITE TANKS are a must for spring. Period.  Wear it with jeans, converse/sandals, bang, you got yourself an outfit.  **comfy&cute cheers to that.

God forbid we have to use them, UMBRELLAS. Spring = rain so do yourself the deed and get a cute one. It’l brighten up the rainy days.

LIP GLOSS is spring perfection.  Minus the spring winds that just make lip gloss low key disastrous, I’m a huge fan. MAC’s long-wear gloss is such a great buy.

 Stay hydrated with these warming up temps. Lets be eco friends. Get yourself one of these LULU babies. Chug/cheers/H20

Get a faux tan with LOREAL.  Keep the skin nice ladies. I’m guilty of tanning bed use, but I have vowed to step back from that lil habit of mine.  This self tanner doesn’t smell bad at all and it applies really evenly. SO easy I promise.

Lastly, get your FRIENDS, get outside, and go do something in these beautiful spring temps!

Much Love Babes!


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