DSC_0166DSC_0163 DSC_0164DSC_0172DSC_0174DSC_0191DSC_0173DSC_0189TOP  &  BAG

When you think about it Tuesday’s are probably the roughest of the week. My breakdown of this theory is. Monday- You’re refreshed from the weekend. Tuesday- Just the day after Monday. Wednesday- Hump day yay you’re half way through! Thursday- I don’t mind them.  Thursday means it’s close to Friday.  Something crazy always happens on Thursdays I swear.  Friday- No need to explain. Just 100% yes.  Saturday- Lazy/get sh*t done day. Sunday- A love hate relationship with this day.  Mentally preparing myself for Monday’s ya know?

So back to my whole point lol.  Tuesday’s are just Tuesday’s.  Plain jane simple boring. This concept inspired this outfit.  Things can be plain jane without being “boring”

This top is a staple. It’s one of those classics you’ll never want to give away and it’s the closest thing I can wear to a flannel with these temperatures summer has heading our way. Wear it with jeans and a pair of sandals and you have yourself an outfit for 3/4 seasons.

This bag is probably my BEST buy of the season.  Under 60 $.  A purse lovers dream come true, right? And It’s reversible..  Seriously this bag could be a black whole it fits so much inside.  & it comes with a cute wallet pouch too.

Hope this plain jane look makes you feel anything other then plain.

Much Love


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