White Out

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Hello my darlings.

Since it’s been a little longer then I would have liked for the most recent post I decided to spoil you with more photos and a longer post. Get excited people.

Hope all of your Memorial Day weekends were filled with love and laughter.  Mine most definitely was.  Concert, camping, & lounging made for the best weekend.  I know for those of you who know me, you probably just reread that last sentence.  Camping.  Yes, and it was bomb.  I guess my urban dictionary name definition ended up being somewhat accurate when saying I loved being one with nature.

Other things that happened this week:

– Successfully got my first speeding ticket, CHEERS!

– Got caked in the face by Steve Aoki, I didn’t mind.

– Stayed in budget at Trader Joe’s.  Such an A+ … It never happens.

– Met the coolest waiter who had some really great conversation topics on culture and soccer. It’s so eye-opening to talk to people with different experiences and lifestyles.

– Found a new breakfast obsession. LUNA bars.

Alright so onto the style…

So I love to dress up // dress “cute” as my friends would say (when your trying to look decently presentable for school, work, going out, etc).. But let’s be real it’s summer.  We all have those lulu lemon legging-tee shirt kind of days that probably happen more than one would like.  I fell in that drought… But I’m back babes.  IN ALL WHITE. This is such a great trend of the season right now.  All black, all white, all grey.  You get the idea.  Plus every girl should have a white top and white pair of jeans in their closet right now. EA$Y outfit ladies.

I’m going to be basic and join the club of everyone loving on peonies right now.  How gorgeous are these flowers.  I want to take a bath in them.  Basic isn’t always bad.  In a recent article someone called Lauren Conrad basic.  If she’s basic, I’m most definitely okay with being called basic.

Special shout out to my best friend/cousin/sister/someday-bridesmaid/etc. Thanks EC ROSE for taking these fabulous shots. Love you to pieces boothang. I might not let Duke have you back.

I hope all of your weeks are filled with laughs and days that deserve SPF.

Much Love


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