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IMG_1848IMG_1726IMG_1725IMG_1756IMG_1834 IMG_1793 IMG_1792 IMG_1851 IMG_1767 IMG_1775 IMG_1786My wallet hated me this week. I’ve been doing this thing where I’ve been trying to save my $$ doing so by swapping my spending money on clothes to spending my green on experiences. Poppa C always taught me, if you’re gonna splurge on something it really should be on an experience over something materialistic.  I agree with that 95% of the time; that other 5% being that a really cute bag deserves a splurge every once in a great while.

This week I used the excuse for trying out a handful of restaurants.  Some newer some older, but all were a hit.

For Fathers Day the fam hit up German Village and got the BEST burgers and loaded fries at The Thurman Cafe. I got the “great 3” burger. It was phenomenal. Medium well, american, mozzarella, cheddar, tomato, lettuce, 3/4 lb. burger I can say I ate a whopping half of. Not to mention a full basket of loaded fries with cheddar and bacon.  For someone to say American food isn’t the best, please re-evaluate after Thurman’s.

Hubbard Grill, one of my favorites.  The sweet and tangy Calamari was perfection with the apple incorporated as garnish. Patio seating with friend catch-up was the best.

Forno was the most recent.  Pizza, calamari round two, and friends made for the perfect dinner.  I went with my three cheese trend but upped it to the four cheese pizza.  On that cheese grind once again…

And lastly, Jenis Ice Cream.  Oh Jenis you and your pink cake cones still have my heart. Your Ndali vanilla and passion fruit scoops didn’t disappoint.

Spend money on experiences – restaurants with friends.- things you’ll remember and or will be able to tell a story about. Experiences > materialists

Much Love




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