From Red to Scarlet in Candy Land



A college transfer taught me oh so much more then just switching schools.  When picking a school we are most likely 16, 17, 18 years old.  To me, that is astonishing. At 17 years old, you can’t vote, drink, own a home, etc. You really don’t have the ability to do much that an adult in college can.  Looking back now, at 17 I was still a kid. I have learned more in the last two years then I could have ever thought imaginable.  We live in a society where we have to make life decisions about which path on the game board we choose to go at such a young and vulnerable stage in our lives.  What I didn’t realize about this aspect is that every game board has an ending finish line; regardless who crosses the finish line first.  No board game is played the same way twice.

As a child my absolute favorite game was candy land.  Basic.. I know.  But it’s a classic.  We  all start at the same place.  Some people draw cards that just push them on through, red, blue, yellow… They just seem to slide across the board.  Others get the cards with the special figures on them good and bad.  I always wanted those cards.  I was so much more of a risk-taker/dare-devil as a child then I am today.  It’s one of those aspects I’m trying to recover from my childhood.  Slowly but surly I think I’m becoming the little dare devil I once was before.

I know I know.. This analogy is a little ridiculous but it is SO true.  People take different routes to get to where they’re at.  Good and bad.  Life is a twisty – wind around – loop hole – hop scotch game.

If someone would have told me that I was going to transfer schools the day I graduated high school I would have laughed in their face.  It’s crazy how at 17 and 18 years old you truly feel that you have found your whole identity.  NOT TRUE, at least for most. Growing and evolving into the person you are is a daily, hourly, minute by minute thing.  Everyone and everything is constantly changing.  What you think is exactly what you want at 17 probably isn’t going to be exactly where you end up.

Going from Miami University to Ohio State has taught me so many life lessons.  Both are amazing schools, yet completely different at the same time. It is so important when picking a path after high school you pick somewhere where YOU want to GROW and where you can see yourself evolving and growing as a person.  Whether thats going to college, taking some time off from school, entering the work world, joining the forces etc, it is desperately important to do what is good for you..  College is a 4 usually 4+ years of your life. It’s A HUGE decision.  What is important to remember is that its okay to take a different route or hop on a different path in candy land.

Just because you think something may be the PERFECT fit when you are 17 doesn’t mean you may feel that way at 20.  My transfer has taught me to embrace the chaos in life.  Chaos isn’t always going to be beautiful, but it’s also not going to be ugly.  I learned to find the beauty in change which is an aspect I hope we can all take with us.  Make your candy land a good one.  We all deserve it.

Much Love


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