IMG_3716IMG_3668IMG_3690IMG_3691IMG_3704IMG_3666IMG_3693IMG_3726IMG_3717IMG_3708IMG_3709IMG_3732IMG_3711IMG_3727IMG_3731IMG_3756IMG_3759IMG_3761IMG_3786IMG_3848IMG_3795IMG_3851IMG_3870IMG_3869IMG_3905IMG_3948IMG_3938IMG_3949IMG_3952IMG_3951IMG_3958IMG_4023IMG_4001IMG_4025IMG_4027IMG_4034IMG_4029IMG_4041IMG_4038IMG_4039IMG_4040IMG_4042IMG_4047IMG_4048IMG_4055IMG_4063IMG_4065IMG_4070IMG_4064IMG_4110IMG_4126IMG_4111IMG_4087Short and sweet, Vermont in the fall is the place to be.  Even a month and a half later these pics deserve an upload.

Our favorite things we did… that when in Vermont you should try too…

Hiked from 50 degrees to below 32 where we bouldered up to the summit where a snow white golden retriever met us.  The owners happened to live in a town called Chittenden.. Ironic.  The Buckeyes never seem to leave us.

Tried some segways, because the chairlift was closed.  The experience turned out less then forgettable. 1/3 of us fell off.  I’ll leave that to your imagination to guess which one of us that was…

— Ate REAL Vermont maple syrup w pancakes.

Went to I SWEAR the coolest most quintessential apple orchard of all time.  Story book worthy.  Never have I eaten so many free apples in my life.  A new love came from the word macintosh.  The nestled mountain top orchard was incredible.

Visited Mary the homie at Bennington College.  Can we go to two schools at once maybe?

We went to a pickle fest in Albany, NY where we flew out of.  Honestly thought I hated anything pickled until this 1 dollar sample street fest.

Hitched a ride from the airport by the coolest columbus couple in town who gave us a ride home ON THE PENN STATE OSU GAME.  Shout out and BIG thx to the homies who didn’t let us pay the 392842XXX Uber surge price.

and finally …

We saw our first speck of snow for the season!

Cheers to the holiday season on its way.

Much Love





3 thoughts on “VERMONT FALL 2015

  1. Absolutely love fall – in my opinion it’s the best season of the year! So many beautiful colors in nature – and we get to layer up!

    It’s been a while, but Ryan and I recently relaunched our lifestyle blog, complete with a YouTube channel and Instagram in addition to our WordPress. It would mean so much to us if you could check out our YouTube channel here:

    We just released two new videos: NY Fall Fashion (which I think you’ll really enjoy) and How to Explore New York. Hope you like them! 🙂

    Keep on Crushin’,
    Julie and Ryan

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