IMG_3716IMG_3668IMG_3690IMG_3691IMG_3704IMG_3666IMG_3693IMG_3726IMG_3717IMG_3708IMG_3709IMG_3732IMG_3711IMG_3727IMG_3731IMG_3756IMG_3759IMG_3761IMG_3786IMG_3848IMG_3795IMG_3851IMG_3870IMG_3869IMG_3905IMG_3948IMG_3938IMG_3949IMG_3952IMG_3951IMG_3958IMG_4023IMG_4001IMG_4025IMG_4027IMG_4034IMG_4029IMG_4041IMG_4038IMG_4039IMG_4040IMG_4042IMG_4047IMG_4048IMG_4055IMG_4063IMG_4065IMG_4070IMG_4064IMG_4110IMG_4126IMG_4111IMG_4087Short and sweet, Vermont in the fall is the place to be.  Even a month and a half later these pics deserve an upload.

Our favorite things we did… that when in Vermont you should try too…

Hiked from 50 degrees to below 32 where we bouldered up to the summit where a snow white golden retriever met us.  The owners happened to live in a town called Chittenden.. Ironic.  The Buckeyes never seem to leave us.

Tried some segways, because the chairlift was closed.  The experience turned out less then forgettable. 1/3 of us fell off.  I’ll leave that to your imagination to guess which one of us that was…

— Ate REAL Vermont maple syrup w pancakes.

Went to I SWEAR the coolest most quintessential apple orchard of all time.  Story book worthy.  Never have I eaten so many free apples in my life.  A new love came from the word macintosh.  The nestled mountain top orchard was incredible.

Visited Mary the homie at Bennington College.  Can we go to two schools at once maybe?

We went to a pickle fest in Albany, NY where we flew out of.  Honestly thought I hated anything pickled until this 1 dollar sample street fest.

Hitched a ride from the airport by the coolest columbus couple in town who gave us a ride home ON THE PENN STATE OSU GAME.  Shout out and BIG thx to the homies who didn’t let us pay the 392842XXX Uber surge price.

and finally …

We saw our first speck of snow for the season!

Cheers to the holiday season on its way.

Much Love





From Red to Scarlet in Candy Land



A college transfer taught me oh so much more then just switching schools.  When picking a school we are most likely 16, 17, 18 years old.  To me, that is astonishing. At 17 years old, you can’t vote, drink, own a home, etc. You really don’t have the ability to do much that an adult in college can.  Looking back now, at 17 I was still a kid. I have learned more in the last two years then I could have ever thought imaginable.  We live in a society where we have to make life decisions about which path on the game board we choose to go at such a young and vulnerable stage in our lives.  What I didn’t realize about this aspect is that every game board has an ending finish line; regardless who crosses the finish line first.  No board game is played the same way twice.

As a child my absolute favorite game was candy land.  Basic.. I know.  But it’s a classic.  We  all start at the same place.  Some people draw cards that just push them on through, red, blue, yellow… They just seem to slide across the board.  Others get the cards with the special figures on them good and bad.  I always wanted those cards.  I was so much more of a risk-taker/dare-devil as a child then I am today.  It’s one of those aspects I’m trying to recover from my childhood.  Slowly but surly I think I’m becoming the little dare devil I once was before.

I know I know.. This analogy is a little ridiculous but it is SO true.  People take different routes to get to where they’re at.  Good and bad.  Life is a twisty – wind around – loop hole – hop scotch game.

If someone would have told me that I was going to transfer schools the day I graduated high school I would have laughed in their face.  It’s crazy how at 17 and 18 years old you truly feel that you have found your whole identity.  NOT TRUE, at least for most. Growing and evolving into the person you are is a daily, hourly, minute by minute thing.  Everyone and everything is constantly changing.  What you think is exactly what you want at 17 probably isn’t going to be exactly where you end up.

Going from Miami University to Ohio State has taught me so many life lessons.  Both are amazing schools, yet completely different at the same time. It is so important when picking a path after high school you pick somewhere where YOU want to GROW and where you can see yourself evolving and growing as a person.  Whether thats going to college, taking some time off from school, entering the work world, joining the forces etc, it is desperately important to do what is good for you..  College is a 4 usually 4+ years of your life. It’s A HUGE decision.  What is important to remember is that its okay to take a different route or hop on a different path in candy land.

Just because you think something may be the PERFECT fit when you are 17 doesn’t mean you may feel that way at 20.  My transfer has taught me to embrace the chaos in life.  Chaos isn’t always going to be beautiful, but it’s also not going to be ugly.  I learned to find the beauty in change which is an aspect I hope we can all take with us.  Make your candy land a good one.  We all deserve it.

Much Love


San Diego Sunday-Stroll

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  California rewind…DSC_0564DSC_0502DSC_0512DSC_0531DSC_0562DSC_0575DSC_0573DSC_0571 DSC_0576DSC_0574DSC_0579 DSC_0580DSC_0581DSC_0584DSC_0586DSC_0597 DSC_0587 DSC_0601 DSC_0603DSC_0607 DSC_0608 DSC_0611Sunday consisted of…

Waking up

Checking in online for our flight that night

Snooze Cafe for brunch (see via insta)

A short walk through a few of the San Diego walking bridges in University Heights

Farmers Market, with food trucks, boutique trucks, anything and everything California essence imagined; you name it, it was there.

Went home (our home for the week), packed, left with full stomachs, lots of memories, and the dreading thought of our red eye flight.

The red eye proved to suck more then we thought possible, but hey the trip was well worth those Monday morning bags under my eyeballs at work the next morning.

Oh how I miss you California. That red eye was worth your treasures. If only every Sunday could be on repeat sunshine, street fairs, and the west coast.

Fox In the Snow

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DSC_0366DSC_0344DSC_0337DSC_0318 DSC_0360DSC_0323DSC_0320DSC_0324DSC_0335DSC_0339DSC_0338DSC_0354 DSC_0386
DSC_0326DSC_0361DSC_0390DSC_0368Fox In the Snow

 Fox In the Snow was perfect.  Egg sandwich, cinnamon roll with more frosting then roll, and the BEST coffee.

Cheers to lunch with girlfriends, horoscope talk, boy gossip, & lots of catching up.

Hope your week has been as sweet as my cinnamon roll.

Much Love



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IMG_1848IMG_1726IMG_1725IMG_1756IMG_1834 IMG_1793 IMG_1792 IMG_1851 IMG_1767 IMG_1775 IMG_1786My wallet hated me this week. I’ve been doing this thing where I’ve been trying to save my $$ doing so by swapping my spending money on clothes to spending my green on experiences. Poppa C always taught me, if you’re gonna splurge on something it really should be on an experience over something materialistic.  I agree with that 95% of the time; that other 5% being that a really cute bag deserves a splurge every once in a great while.

This week I used the excuse for trying out a handful of restaurants.  Some newer some older, but all were a hit.

For Fathers Day the fam hit up German Village and got the BEST burgers and loaded fries at The Thurman Cafe. I got the “great 3” burger. It was phenomenal. Medium well, american, mozzarella, cheddar, tomato, lettuce, 3/4 lb. burger I can say I ate a whopping half of. Not to mention a full basket of loaded fries with cheddar and bacon.  For someone to say American food isn’t the best, please re-evaluate after Thurman’s.

Hubbard Grill, one of my favorites.  The sweet and tangy Calamari was perfection with the apple incorporated as garnish. Patio seating with friend catch-up was the best.

Forno was the most recent.  Pizza, calamari round two, and friends made for the perfect dinner.  I went with my three cheese trend but upped it to the four cheese pizza.  On that cheese grind once again…

And lastly, Jenis Ice Cream.  Oh Jenis you and your pink cake cones still have my heart. Your Ndali vanilla and passion fruit scoops didn’t disappoint.

Spend money on experiences – restaurants with friends.- things you’ll remember and or will be able to tell a story about. Experiences > materialists

Much Love




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Momma C came out with me today to grab some sweets.  We went to our favorite, German Village.  Pistacia Vera & Kittie’s made for the perfect lunch full of sweet yummy sugary goodies.  Kittie’s is known for their cup cakes and whoopie pies.  TO. DIE. FOR.  I found this cute treasure on insta and had to see with my own eyes.  I walked out with a whole box of cupcakes… I mean bacon, lavender, black&white, come on..  The perfect little bite they were. The white cloud of fluffy lavender vanilla cake with bomb vanilla icing took my 1st place.

We went to the cutest place afterwards called Pistacia Vera right in the heart of German Village (downtown-Columbus).  I swear if I didn’t know where I was I would have thought I was in San Francisco, NYC, or some other massively amazing city. The ambiance/vibes/etc. were on point.  Ice tea w/t simple syrup, chocolate pound cake, + guava & pistachio macaroons were a home run.

I can officially say my sweet tooth brunch/lunch was a solid A++

Much Love Sweet’s


White Out

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DSC_0200DSC_0238DSC_0196DSC_0194DSC_0197DSC_0203DSC_0233DSC_0205DSC_0213 DSC_0244DSC_0210DSC_0234DSC_0225DSC_0235DSC_0245TOP   JEANS   SHOES

Hello my darlings.

Since it’s been a little longer then I would have liked for the most recent post I decided to spoil you with more photos and a longer post. Get excited people.

Hope all of your Memorial Day weekends were filled with love and laughter.  Mine most definitely was.  Concert, camping, & lounging made for the best weekend.  I know for those of you who know me, you probably just reread that last sentence.  Camping.  Yes, and it was bomb.  I guess my urban dictionary name definition ended up being somewhat accurate when saying I loved being one with nature.

Other things that happened this week:

– Successfully got my first speeding ticket, CHEERS!

– Got caked in the face by Steve Aoki, I didn’t mind.

– Stayed in budget at Trader Joe’s.  Such an A+ … It never happens.

– Met the coolest waiter who had some really great conversation topics on culture and soccer. It’s so eye-opening to talk to people with different experiences and lifestyles.

– Found a new breakfast obsession. LUNA bars.

Alright so onto the style…

So I love to dress up // dress “cute” as my friends would say (when your trying to look decently presentable for school, work, going out, etc).. But let’s be real it’s summer.  We all have those lulu lemon legging-tee shirt kind of days that probably happen more than one would like.  I fell in that drought… But I’m back babes.  IN ALL WHITE. This is such a great trend of the season right now.  All black, all white, all grey.  You get the idea.  Plus every girl should have a white top and white pair of jeans in their closet right now. EA$Y outfit ladies.

I’m going to be basic and join the club of everyone loving on peonies right now.  How gorgeous are these flowers.  I want to take a bath in them.  Basic isn’t always bad.  In a recent article someone called Lauren Conrad basic.  If she’s basic, I’m most definitely okay with being called basic.

Special shout out to my best friend/cousin/sister/someday-bridesmaid/etc. Thanks EC ROSE for taking these fabulous shots. Love you to pieces boothang. I might not let Duke have you back.

I hope all of your weeks are filled with laughs and days that deserve SPF.

Much Love