How old? I’m a 90’s kid

Where you from?  Columbus, OH. A trendy little city that has my heart.

How about school?  O H I O!! Part of the Buckeye fam.

My motto…  YOU DO YOU. Everyone is different with different passions, different goals, different lifestyles, different expectations.. As a person on one of the 7 continents I truly try to support everyone going for their passion &/or goals. Big or small, I respect that! It’s a cool thing, people.

So why the blog?…

A) Time is too short to not do something you love or even to just try something out for a hot sec.

B) Writing, blogging, snapping pics, trying new restaurants, traveling, hanging with the people I love; Those are the things I am passionate about. Here I bring them to you.

C) If nothing else I hope Much Love M brings you inspiration to do something you love too.

Much Love Always,

-M ♥


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